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The Steamy Kebab Recipe That’ll Have Your Mouth Watering

The secret’s in the stuffing

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The next time your mum says she’s making kebabs and before you roll your eyes, here’s a kebab recipe we LOVE that puts a whole new spin on the meaty option.

You’ll need:

*A pound of minced meat — beef or lamb works best, but chicken is good, too

*A quarter large onion, sliced and diced

*3 teaspoons chopped garlic

*2 large eggs

*4 green chillies, diced (seeds included to up the spice quotient)

*One pack feta cheese

*Dijon mustard

*The above is enough for two. You can scale up as necessary.


: Put the minced meat in a large mixing bowl and break up the tiny bits that are still frozen.

: Add in the garlic, onions and the chillies.

: Break both large eggs into the mixing bowl and squish together. (We’ve used all sorts of utensils but really, your fingers work best.)

: Add salt, pepper, and chillie powder to taste. Blend in all condiments thoroughly.

: For an added kick, add 1.5 T of spicy dijon mustard.

Now, shape the mixture into patties.

Using your index finger, make a tiny hole in the centre of each.

Fill each dent with a generous helping of feta. Make sure the cheese is really embedded in the patty. When you’re done, the meat should cover both ends of the opening.

Brown garlic in a pan and cook until the meat is medium done. This is just enough for the cheese to melt and the patty to be cooked enough to eat.

Bite in and enjoy the feel of your tastebuds on fire.

Now, the next time you have kebabs for dinner, this feta treat will keep ya quiet! #cheesyteasy

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