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13 Things Women Think About While Getting A Brazilian Wax



Getting hair pulled off our Virginias by a total stranger is probably one of the most awkward/painful experiences we can go through.

As we lie on the table stark naked from the waist down with a random woman staring at Virginia from her brightly lit front row seat, we can’t help but feel vulnerable…and then our minds go into overdrive.

Here are 14 (of many) things we’ve all thought about while enduring this extremely uncomfortable procedure.

1. Ok my undies are off, I’m completely naked and severely grown out. AWKWARD LEVEL 500. 

2. I’ve been through this before. I’ll be fine, right?! I’ll be fiiiineee.

3. Maybe I should have trimmed? She did ask me not to! Although I do feel slightly primal.

4. Yep, she definitely made a face. I bet she’s judging my bush.

5. Okay, so this is really happening. An unknown woman is cleaning my special place while we make awkward small talk about beauty school. What has the world come to?!

6. Everything about my Virginia feels judged right now. Is it not as pretty as other ones she’s seen?

7. Can she sense my fear? OF COURSE SHE CAN, you moron! Your legs are legit shaking!

8. Seriously mixed feelings about this hot wax. In some ways, it kinda feels nice. In other ways, I know what’s coming…

9. MOTHER OF #@#$%$#. That was SO much worse than I thought it would be. But woman up, it will get better with each strip. That was just an initial shock to my (extremely) sensitive skin.

10. S***! Do men realise what we go through?!

11. It’s too much. I can’t take it anymore. It needs to stop.

12. Could I get away with this random fluffy patch on the right side of my Virginia? It’s cool, right? Hip, even? It could be the new landing strip!

13. Okay I am now on all fours and she’s waxing where I can’t even see. AWKWARD LEVEL 1000

14. Okay, it’s finally over. And my Virginia looks like the bald head of a British man in the summertime. Fantastic. Why did I do this again?

What do you think ?
  1. Funny article, but as it caters to the female population, dont be afraid to type out the word ‘Vagina’. It’s our body part. Nothing to be ashamed of it right?

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