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Questions All Rambutan Lovers Will Understand

’Tis the season.

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*Do I go for a smaller, juicier fruit, or is bigger better? #sizematters

*Do I use my fingers or a utensil to get at the good stuff?

*To pop the whole thing in, or nibble gently?

*OK, so I popped it in. Do I munch or suck?

*What makes a really good rambutan last longer?

*What’s the maximum amount of time I can make a mediocre one last?

*To chew or not to chew?

*How do I eat as close to the seed as possible, without accidentally consuming the yucky flakes?

*Is it weird that I like to lick the seed clean?

*Is it acceptable to use my fingers as toothpicks?

*How many can I shove in my mouth at once?

*Spit or swallow?!

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