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18 Thoughts That Go Through A Woman’s Head When He Doesn’t Text Back On Tinder

Argh what a F boy!


1. The last time we ended the conversation, I was being super chill and witty — let’s see what he has to say to that!

2. He hasn’t texted back but it’s only been a day — it’s fine!

3. He must be super busy. He did say he was spending the weekend in Kandy. He’ll probably message when he gets back into town.

4. Can’t believe it’s been two days and I’ve not heard from him yet! We had such a great time at drinks. What could have gone wrong?!

5. **Shows friends the messages** Look! He said he hopes to see me next week. IT’S ALREADY NEXT WEEK!

6. I totally shouldn’t have waited so long to text him back. Stupid dating games!

7. Maybe I should change my profile picture…that’ll get his attention.

8. **Takes new profile picture** Ladies, is there enough cleavage in this selfie?

9. Picture’s been up for a day — still no boy in my yard!

10. Oh yay – a notification! He’s totally liked my post!

11. …Nvm. False alarm.

12. *Frantically reads through the entire conversation* Come to think of it, I may have come off as being slightly rude in the previous message.

13. *Re analyses the texts* OMG, I was being such a b**ch! I think I’m just going to message him and clear the whole thing up…

14. *When he doesn’t respond again* You know what, I don’t need this. He wasn’t that cute anyway!

15. Actually…he was a bit on the short side.

16. SO many other fish in the sea. That’s what he was, just another fish.

17. Everyone knows I’m such a mermaid. His basic fish a** was so lucky to even be with me!

18. *When he finally responds a week later…*  OVER IT! *Swipes right on the latest hottie*



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