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How To Make A Perfect Cosmopolitan

Your guide to mixing Carrie Bradshaw’s fave drink!


Finding a well-made cocktail for your evening tipple in Colombo is not always easy. As shocking *gasp* as it may seem, some of the classics like our signature drink, the Cosmopolitan, have yet to be mastered around town.

Although perhaps you may have found the perfect Cosmo (in which case, pass on the deets!), but let’s face it, an evening sip at one of Colombo’s bars is not the most economical of options rn— taxes are sky high and prices are nuts! And having to shell out Rs. 1,500+ for each cocktail is a tall order!

Plus, sometimes you just want a killer cocktail at home while binge watching Sex and the City by yourself. #thedream

Either way, when it comes to Cosmopolitans in Colombo, a gal’s got to take matters into her own hands!

Here’s a quick and easy guide to making the Cosmo of your dreams.

You will need.
Lime juice
Absolut Citron (Or any vodka of your preference)
Cranberry juice
Your mixology starter kit (Cocktail shaker, stirrer etc.)
Some lemons for a little twist 





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