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Get A Toned Yoga Core In 7 Minutes

Flaunt those sexy abs all summer long.


Apart from yoga’s obvious benefits to your body and its contribution to your overall wellbeing, the one thing we always envy in yogi gals are their super-sculpted abs. Derived from long hours of practise, these beautifully sculpted packs are symbolic of the fact that everything you do in yoga engages your core muscles.

If all-out yoga is not really your thing but you want a defined stomach, try this yoga-inspired, core-strengthening workout designed by Cornelius Jones Jr., the LA-based creator of Cornelius YogaBurn.

It’s super easy, quick and can be done just about anywhere. Perfect for when you don’t have the time to make it to the gym!


FYI, Jessica Alba is a reg at YogaBurn and you’ve seen what her bod looks like.


Got it in w sweet @corneliusjonesjr #hotyogasculpt ???? thx @sweatybetty 4 the best sports bra in all the land #nofilter

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