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7 Men Reveal The Weirdest Thing They’ve Thought While Doing The Dirty

We hit the streets to find out his state of mind mid-action


1. I wish this was my ex. Danula, 25

2. Some serious stomach noises going on here. Should NOT have had that last piece of garlic bread. Heshan, 30

3. Please don’t fart. Dinesh, 26

4. Back in uni, I used to picture my chubby roommate naked. It helped me last longer. Pasindu, 26

5. Who won Best Actor in 2007? Didn’t Forest Whitaker take that one? Good for him! Janith, 26

6. Once, I was so hungry I couldn’t stop picturing a burger the entire time. Dihan, 24

7. If the biryani from Big Bite was going to be cold. Aaron, 29


This article was originally published as ‘20 Men Tell Us The Weirdest Thing They Thought About While Doing The Dirty’ in the May 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. To read the whole article, subscribe now and get a free May issue.

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