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Feeling Totally Out Of It At Work?

Move up and on.

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Overdid it with dual sessions at the gym? Didn’t realise how hard you were pushing yourself at work and now your body’s plummeting from 100 to 0 in a matter of seconds? Scooted up and down those stairs like a gazelle so many times your legs really freakin’ hate you? Here are some quick and easy ways to pull your body out of its slump when you’re at the office.

a) Stretch…not like you’re going to run the marathon but like you’re kicking back for a little down time. Gently loosen up your tense muscles and tendons so you feel more relaxed. Subtly kick off those pumps under your desk and stretch your legs all the way out, moving your ankles in a circular motion. Lean your head back onto your chair and swivel circularly. Again, not like a scene from Glee where your colleagues begin to get worried you’re going to burst out into song and dance but just enough to ease the pressure toward the top of your spine. Push your palms down on your chair and push down — you’ll start feeling the pressure leave your body immediately.

b) Take out that tube of lavender hand cream and massage your palms and fingers gently. Your keyboard-weary digits will take on a life of their own and the scent will make you feel like you’ve just finished a GREAT mani. Stay away from overpowering scents like cardamom or you’ll have to fight the urge to flee your desk…not conducive if your body is silently screaming blue murder. Not the cream sort? Keep a mini scented candle or an oil burner with your favourite scents at hand (if your office permits). The easy flame will calm you down, plus it adds a casual quality to an often stiff-upper-lip office environment.

c) Make yourself a hot cuppa, preferably with milk or stick to the light green tea variant. The warmth will cozy up your insides and heat up your palms, giving you just the jolt you need. Stay away from coffee — your nerves and mind are frayed enough. 

d) Set an end goal. Give yourself a peace out time — say 5 30PM — and then buckle down and blow through your to-do list so that you can get the hell out of there and onto your evening plans as soon as possible. Promise yourself you’ll do whatever suits your mood to amp up the incentive factor. Here’s how you should be thinking: “Getting through my crime novel is going to be so much better if I don’t have this spreadsheet hanging over me.” Trust us, you’ll blast through it in no time.

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