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Michelle Obama Is Officially Living Her Viralest Life

She's on Snapchat! She's going to Carpool Karaoke!


Good news, internet dwellers! Michelle Obama — our queen, our kween, our national biceps to lean on — has delivered unto us an abundance of viral treats on this fine day. We’re not worthy! 

She not only announced this afternoon that she launched her own Snapchat account to give “young people everywhere a fun way to follow her” on her imminent travels, but also revealed via that very medium that she will be the next passenger on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. 

Corden made the trip up to the White House to shoot the Late Late Show segment because FLOTUS is worth it. “I’m going to take a spin in a car and sing some songs with…” he baited, whirling the camera around to let Obama shout “Me!” 

Listen, Carpool Karaoke is a lot of pressure. Some pretty famous people have been on it. But we’re sure FLOTUS is more than up to the task. I mean she’s already proven she knows how to turn up. 


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