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Where To Get Your Dessert Fix In CMB

If you adore sweets as much as we do, you’re going to love these treats!


If there’s one thing we welcome here at Cosmo SL, it’s a daily sugar fix. Don’t judge! Our pants may be a smidge tighter but we donut worry, cause we’re happy.

Here’s a roundup of our go to yummies whenever we feel like a little post-lunch indulgence.

Chocolate Nemesis at The Gallery Café

When it comes to desserts, the team over at Paradise Road pretty much has it on lockdown. But this hot, gooey chocolate mess in particular (served with a generous dollop of cream) has become the unofficial star of their menu – and we couldn’t be happier.

Key Lime Pie at Café Kumbuk

The new (cool) kid on the block, Café Kumbuk has been serving up some interesting dishes that are super healthy…which is great because you don’t leave with an overwhelming feeling of guilt after you’ve gobbled up their star dessert! The KLP is a biscuit-y, custard-y, creamy delight with hints of lime. We just can’t stay away!

Crème Brûlée Cheesecake at Schakasz

When we heard about this intriguing combo, we simply had to try it! Take these two elements individually and they are pretty remarkable confections. Put them together and we’ve got ourselves a foodgasm. Multiple foodgasms, actually.

Chantilly Pillow at Dolce Italia

This is more or less a sophisticated cream bun. What makes it so fantastic is the consistency of the cream—light and wispy, with just a subtle sweet touch. Ciao down!

Chocolate Éclairs at Bakes By Bella

At first glance, these little choux buns remind us of our favourite childhood confections.What takes it away from that sweet memory and on to a fresh perspective is the Lindt hazelnut/chocolate cream that greets you upon first bite.

Life is short, and we aren’t going to stop ourselves from ordering the dessert-of-the-day. And maybe one more after that. But who’s counting?! Diabetes? Let’s not even go there.

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