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The 6 Hair Care Commandments

Gal shall not use a rubber band. Ever.


1. The #1 rule of hair care is to never wash your hair too often. We know, easier said than done, right?! Especially in this heat! But it has been proven that lathering up daily actually causes more harm than good. Your scalp starts to lose all of its natural oils that are deemed essential for healthy strands.
Kim Kardashian shared on her website that she only washes her hair twice a week. Her remedy for dealing with the greasiness? A slicked back ponytail!

2. People are so afraid to use conditioner because they’ve bought into the myth that it’s really bad for you. They couldn’t be more wrong—when used correctly, it adds movement, shine and actually helps in maintaining a healthy mane.
For positive results, run a small amount along the  length of your hair, and distribute evenly among all strands. The scalp should remain a no-condition zone at all times! 

3. You’ve probably seen the words “sulfate-free” plastered all over the shampoo aisle at the supermarket. While regular shampoo does a good job of getting rid of grease and product build up, it also runs the risk of completely drying out your hair. And that opens up a can of worms that you really don’t need rn! Sulfate-free shampoo ensures that your hair won’t dry out.

But the big question is should you go sulfate-free? It depends entirely on your hair. If you have naturally dry locks—you probably should lay off those sulfates. But if you’re hair is generally excessively oily, stick to the regular heavy duty brands!

4. We find that a night in with a good bottle of red feels so much better when you’ve slapped on a hair mask (preferably one that’s made with natural ingredients). Easy to get on and soooo good for replenishing hair nutrients, there’s really no reason to skip this care ritual.
Hydrating whilst dehydrating! That’s what we like to call ‘covering all the bases’.

5. Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks is recommended in order to avoid split ends, but who has the time or money for that?!
We suggest in going for a cut as often as you can and if you happen to spot a stray split in between your trips to the hair stylist, attend to it yourself.

6. Shy away from a heat wave when it comes to your locks by avoiding the hottest setting on your hair dryer. Especially when pairing it with a heated straightener after — your hair will be pretty much dunzo.
Air dry as much as possible and save the blowouts for when you just simply need that extra volume.

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