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The Menstruation Ad That’s Earning Rave Reviews

“No blood should hold us back.”

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Remember that time you were like eight years old, watching TV, and an advertisement for sanitary napkins came on? You watched the blue liquid absorbed by Pad A and Pad B ambivalently, and then happily refocused once My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms or The Rugrats re-appeared onscreen, not pausing to think what the silly ad was about…and definitely not thinking it had anything to do with a uterus or the nether region. I mean why would you…it’s not like you even pee in blue.

Or that time right after you got your first period, with your whole body feeling like it was going to shit, and you saw an image of a very placid lady gingerly holding her abdomen and smiling cheekily, because *hint hint*, she had her period…and you really wanted to punch her for being so perfect when you were moody AF.

Even better, the ads that showed contented ladies sprawled in their beds during menstruation time and nary a leak in sight. And there you were, praying that accidents wouldn’t happen.

All the above feeds into the notion of menstruation as shy, private and unclean, rather than a simple biological function that affects pretty much every single woman on the planet. Now, finally…FINALLY…with TheDivaCup firmly back in the mainstream, and brands like Thinx revolutionising how women approach their period, we’re getting a clearer picture.

UK feminine hygiene brand Bodyform in conjunction with ad agency AMV BBDO has released a new video simply titled, “Blood,” that re-defines how we imagine feminine blood flow.


Athletic and agile, the women in the video don’t shy away from the cuts, bruises, and gashes accumulated in sport — there’s a raw sense of celebration in, and support for, the amount the body can resist and from which it can recover…including menstrual blood.

So the next time the Red Lady comes to visit, relish in the primal and in the red. S’about time.



P.S. Totally going to lace up our sneakers and go for a fierce run this evening. We’re sure you will, too.

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