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Early Friday Nights Are The Next Big Thing

All the reasons why!

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Escaping a) Uber surge pricing and b) an explanation of your coordinates to your PickMe driver for the 100th time, is reason enough! Who the eff needs more stress these days? Pass, please.

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You can catch your bestie on her lunch break in New York and actually talk sense. So what if you’re on the phone. Friday nights should ALWAYS be spent with a bff.

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Since you’re not passed out in bed in your party outfit (shoes included), you can indulge in that super duper long hot shower and soak.it.in. Relaxation score = 100%.

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It’s the best time to listen to ALL your Taylor Swift jams with new appreciation and zero shame. (Not like you’re going to croon out heartbreak ballads at Sopranos or Stella, are ya?) Oh, Tayvin! Did you have to?!

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Your Saturday will be baller because you’re on top of EVERYTHING: gym/tennis/badminton session in the morning, weekly Keells run mid-day, coffee meet up, and re-runs of Revenge in the evening. When else can you bask in your own self-satisfaction?

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Sleep. Endless sleep. And extra cuddling with bae.

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