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Why Chocolate Cake Can Actually Heal A Broken Heart

True story.

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Sitting there in the solitary mess of his t shirt that’s three sizes too large but you really love the smell of him? Glancing at your phone every few f**king minutes and sort of hating yourself for it? Still experiencing that thrill of seeing his name every time you get a text? Convinced yourself that you’re really not hungry because you’re heartbroken?

Get a grip, girlfriend. And then get chocolate cake. Because actually you are ravenous and you should eat. Don’t even say the word “salad.” A broken heart calls for more serious ammunition and an effective cure, no matter how short term.

Seventeenth century Europe believed that chocolate had healing properties, strengthening the heart, relieving pain and engendering healing. While the medical properties of chocolate are heavily debated in today’s medical environment, the emotional properties have unanimous support.

The chemicals in chocolate trigger certain neurotransmitters in the brain, including phenylethlyamine. The release of Ms. P creates the feeling of excitement and quickens the pulse rate, which makes you feel a little lighter, and chances are, allows you to smile. This is the same neurotransmitter that is released when you begin to fall in love. What better way to give yourself a break from your current sadness than by reminding yourself of how good love can feel when you find it again!

Another majeur neurotransmitter triggered by your Toblerone layered gateau? Serotonin. Medically, it is thought to aid sleep (because let’s be real, you need some shut-eye with all the love-lost stories you play in your brain at night), lighten your mood, and improve your social behaviour. Overall, it’ll let you give yourself a bit of a break. Plus it’s like gasoline for your sex drive. Nothing soothes like some hanky panky to fling off your past and pick yourself up a hot new candy(man).

As if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, one of the fats in chocolate is named anandamide, with the root (ananda) meaning joy in Sanskrit. We’re not asking you to be a bouncing ball of sunshine that adores everything about this world…but as the Goo Goo Dolls suggested, let love in.

Alright, so why chocolate cake, you ask? Why not just chocolate, plain and simple? Because cake is life. And because the level of fat in cake is higher than in chocolate. Hold yourselves together: a higher level of fat means additional warmth and energy. Don’t you feel like you need some sweet, sweet lovin’? That’s what we thought.

And also because cake is pretty much protein: you’ve got your eggs, milk, and fruit for garnish (sometimes). Proteins build and nourish, and your heart (and head) need all the support it can get.

*Fun fact*: It is rumoured that higher quality chocolate will make your good vibes last longer. So splurge away—you deserve to feel like a million bucks.

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