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11 Things That Turn Women Off Instantly

It just went from 100 to 0 real quick. Bye bae!

1. A man with a really soft and feminine voice. When we are out at dinner and you ask us if we would like to share a pizza, we would prefer it if Justin Bieber (pre-puberty stage) was not the first thing that popped into our minds. Baby, baby, baby…go away.

2. Nothing puts us off more than when a guy just wont let you breathe. You know what we mean—when he messages you constantly to see if you are safe? Because he’s “worried?” Then a few more times to let you know that he’s “thinking of you?” Then he just keeps calling you because you haven’t responded yet. #suffocationkills

3. No one wants to experience that horrible moment when you’re caught off guard with a rogue make-out sesh and his breath smells like Jalapeño Pringles. That counts as a legit reason to throw up on him.

4. Men who gossip about their past conquests. A real man doesn’t kiss and tell.

5. Lack of conversation skills is an immediate turn off. We don’t give a tiny rat’s a** about what pre-workout supplement you take. Or how flatulent it’s made you for the past week. So can you be a normal human now, please?

6. Disgusting feet. Gross. 

7. When you’re a FTS (full time son). Burning a hole in your daddy’s Premier account is not going to impress us. Nor is the constant chat about “who your father is.” Take a seat, son.

8. Zero sense of humour. If we can’t laugh with you, we won’t do much else with you. Trust!

9. If you say things like “okerly dokerly” instead of okay. BYE FOR LIFE.

10. He doesn’t look at you when you speak. Eye contact is the most underrated gesture in the world. If you would rather look at the (male) waiter and his bread basket, than at us—BAD SIGN. Cheque, please?!

11. When he utters questions like, “Why do you wear so much make-up?” Excuse you, this perfect contour takes up a big chunk of our day. If you can’t appreciate it, there’s the door.


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