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Chandi Dharmaratne: How I Did It

The Senior Director of Human Resources at Virtusa Sri Lanka offers invaluable advice on how to have it all.

Shafraz Farook

You are your biggest cheerleader. I believe that everyone should dream of having it all, irrespective of your career. What ‘all’ is, however, is defined by you and you alone. Some of the basic qualities that I have cultivated and that have worked for me include perseverance, focus, commitment and above all, confidence in your own competence.

Work diligently. Nothing is a substitute for hard work and application. I learnt that by practice. 

Deal with the glass ceiling in a logical manner. I believe the ‘glass ceiling’ is something that solidifies the more you dwell upon its existence. The moment you look beyond the glass and focus on your end goal, you stand a better chance of realizing it.

Don’t have regrets. Regret is the currency of lost opportunity. To regret is to dwell in the past. I have had many fleeting brushes with regret — too many to mention individually — but I have always made it a point to not be loaded with the emotional baggage that regret brings. Instead, I would rather focus on how to avoid a repetition of the incident.

Work and life don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Take work as a part of life. It is the attempt to delineate both that results in conflict. When one accepts that work is built-in and not bolted on to life, then one is in a better position to realize harmony and better understand the symbiosis that exists.

Be happy with where you are. Would I want to spend a lot more time with my growing daughters? Yes. Would I want to pursue some of my other talents? Yes. Yet, at the end of the day, being content in the here and now means I have probably not neglected or given up anything important to me.

 This article was originally published as ‘How I Did It: Chandi Dharmaratne’ in the March 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. To read the whole article, subscribe now and get a free March issue.

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  1. Dear Chandi, Thank you for sharing your values, experiences and strategies what helped you to evlove to the next level as Bob Anderson says and in Janet Harvey’s,MCC language to be in a state of generative wholeness which is very sustainable way of life in a VUCA(Volatile,Uncertain,Complex and Ambiguous) world.As I observed, the article hi lights an “Inside-Out” approach to being a leader leading form the front.Which I believe a very important element for any corporate leader to be constantly developed.-Jayantha Fernando,PCC-Executive Coach

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