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Here’s The Best Way To Relax After A Long AF Day

Tried and tested.

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Sometimes, you get home from work full of ambition: you’re totally going to watch the new episode of The Americans, and then you’re going to catch up on late-night comedy shows, and then you mayyy sneak in an episode of The Good Wife just ‘cause.

But now you’re out of the shower and you’ve flipped open that thing you love to hate — your laptop — or flicked on the TV, and ohturnitoffnow, the light hurts. It’s no wonder—you’ve just finished a 10-hour work day, and your eyes are donzo.

There’s no way you can fall asleep at this moment, though, and you’re too tired to pick up your bedside reading.

Here’s what you do. Turn off ALL the lights in your bedroom, and scooch way down into your duvet (all this rain makes the action totally possible). Then, find a podcast you love, and click play. Really, that’s it. Close your eyes and listen until you fall asleep.

Not only does the sound act as a kind of white noise, you actually absorb information at a much faster rate when you’re relaxed. So you’ll wake up remembering more than you anticipated. Result: you’re learning and relaxing, AND resting your eyes at the same time. #welovesleephacks

*Top pick*

Want something light, bada**, and guaranteed to make you LOL after your shitty day? Try Anna Faris is Unqualified. But if bae is next to you, plug in some headphones. He may not want to hear about how the bush is back in fash, ya know?

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