Behind The Scenes: Adam Flamer-Caldera - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Behind The Scenes: Adam Flamer-Caldera

Peep into our March Cosmo Guy shoot. Steamy!!

Jonathan & Ryan Wijayaratne

Healthy living:I think it’s a fusion of mind and body. You have to constantly exercise both elements to keep them healthy…Everyone has their [mental and physical] vices. You just have to be able to counteract these by leading a healthier life in other aspects…it’s a balance of the bad things.”

The jet-set life: “I have a suitcase that’s always ready to go, and a lot of frequent flyer memberships! And since working out is obviously a big part of my life, I take a bunch of workout equipment and proteins with me. I also try to maintain the same routine wherever I am because it’s unsettling and it’s very easy to be thrown off your daily routine, especially if you’re constantly moving from place to place.”

Never settle: “My theory is that you should never settle for anyone who doesn’t meet all your criteria. I don’t believe you need to make relationships work or that you need to settle because you think: “I can overlook this thing because there’s all these other things going for us.” I think there are a lot of people out there. So, if you have certain criteria you want met in a relationship, you should try to fulfil them all. And if you can’t, don’t try to force it.”

Coping with a break-up: “If someone broke up with me, then obviously, the hardest part is eating all of that ice cream while listening to Meat Loaf…or Adele.”

Favourite way to seduce a girl: “I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it too (not to toot my own horn)! If I had to seduce a girl, I might invite her over for a home-cooked dinner. Or I’d get her to rub lotion on my body.” [Obvs we volunteered.]

Scruffy portrait by the great @kevinroldan #portrait #portfolio #polaroid #photography #photographer

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Clothes in video courtesy Adam Flamer-Caldera & Tropic of Linen.

Videography courtesy Jonathan & Ryan Wijayaratne.

Make-up in video courtesy Nisha Vidanarachchi. 

This article was originally published as ‘The Cosmo Guy: Adam Flamer-Caldera’ in the March 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. To read the whole article, subscribe now and get a free March issue.

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