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4 Sensations Post-Swim

Inspired by moments in [Mount Lavinia/Bentota/Una/Pasikudah]

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1. Rough But Refreshed: Sand and salt all up in your business? Hair tangles like you’ve never known before? Giving off that distinct chlorine odour from the 50 minutes spent poolside? Oh yea, you get out of that water emulating a real Baywatch babe and darn, you feel good.

2. Imma Just Take A Moment Here: It was a bad, bad idea to sit down for that one second. Should’ve just packed up and been on your way. Now your arms feel like they can’t lift that beer mug (or kickboard) and your thighs might as well be cheese the way they’re giving out. Not to mention the stinging sensation on your shaving wound. Yup, real treat. So you just hang out there for a little, in the scorching sun or slightly-cold wind. Movement will happen…eventually.

3. Lathered And Delivered: YOU MADE IT TO THE SHOWER—yes ma’am!! Enjoy all the feels as you work conditioner through knots and leave it to set; as your sandalwood body scrub exfoliates your feet; as your creamy soap/minty shower gel washes off your regrets. You’re being reborn  #dirtoffyashoulder.

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4. Heaven Is A Place On Earth: Whether it’s hopping into bed and loading How To Get Away With Murder or lounging around in your bathrobe with legs moisturized and a cup of coffee in hand, you’re a QUEEN. You waft in a cloud of scent and hot damn…your biceps look mighty fine.

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