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10 Best Beauty Tips And Tricks Every Sri Lankan Gal Needs To Know

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1. Get (well) acquainted with primer. It’s come a long way since its introduction into the    make-up circuit. If you find that your make-up — especially your concealer or  foundation — never lasts for longer than a couple of hours or that you have a problem concealing enlarged pores, you need some primer in your life!

2. If you find that your concealer tends to crease, apply a thick eye cream beforehand. Its sticky consistency is perfect for holding on to a product for extended periods. When applying your concealer, use light tapping motions to get the product to stay in place. Dab the product lightly with your ring finger, and then proceed to tap it into place with a concealer brush

3. Have you had your mascara for more than three months? THROW IT AWAY (please). 4. Matte lips are very in at the moment (Thanks King Kylie!) For a quick DIY matte lippy, just apply your normal gloss lipstick and line your lips with a matching lip liner. Blot the gloss off by pressing a tissue to your lips, and finally use a make-up brush and apply translucent powder over your lips. Voila!

5. Add a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation! It’ll give your skin a dewy finish, making it seem like you’re glowing from within! 

6. If you’ve run out of make-up remover, virgin coconut oil does an equally good job. It also works great as a face cleanser or hair masque, and even as a moisturizing body lotion… Need we say more?

7. Can’t find a matte overcoat? Hold nails over boiling water for a few minutes, and the steam from the water will make the finish go from gloss to matte. #SCIENCE  

8. If you’re late for work or rushing somewhere from the gym, and you don’t have time to shower (no judgement, ladies!)… spray some dry shampoo on to your roots. It’ll absorb all the grease and sweat, making your hair look as good as new. Failing which, keep some baby powder handy. Sprinkle a little onto your palm and massage it into your roots  

9. Exfoliate your lips with a baby’s toothbrush. It’ll remove any dead skin and make your lipstick or gloss go on much smoother. You could also try making a DIY lip scrub by mixing brown sugar with honey and virgin coconut oil.  

10. Place an ice cube in a handkerchief and run it over your face a few times. It’ll make your skin feel tighter and fresh. Botox schmotox!  


This article was originally published as ’21 Best Beauty Tips And Tricks’ in the March 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. To read the whole article, subscribe now and get a free March issue.

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