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Where To Take Him When It’s Your Turn At Date Night…

If #3 doesn’t induce an “I love you” then we don’t know what will.

Convention holds that it’s usually bae’s job to pick the date night spot and it’s your job to show up (a little late), and look absolutely fab. Fab meaning whipping out your best, effortlessly-chic look along with the sexiest lingerie that you own (and swore you’ve never worn for anyone else!).

If hitting the town with bae usually entails him wining and dining you to the point where actual heart emojis replace your eyes, then great! But it may be time to let him sit back and enjoy the ride once in a while, no? (Pun absolutely intended!)

Who says women can’t be romantic? It’s the 21st century and we say that we sure as hell can! Take charge, and take your man on a date he will never forget:

1. The after-work drinks date

If schedules permit, try and catch the sunset at the Galle Face Hotel. Clinking mojitos while the sun goes down by old, colonial glamour is the epitome of a charming evening. Swoon.
If you’re looking for something a little quieter and easier on the pocket, try out the Harbour Bar at the Grand Oriental Hotel. The little balcony overlooking the port is cozy enough to appreciate the sunset (and each other) away from the usual hustle and bustle of Colombo.

2. The dinner date

We don’t meant to be totally cliché when we say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (and other such mindblowing tactics, of course) but this is the #truth.

Impress him with your foodie (or faux-foodie) skills by taking him on a gastronomical experience of a lifetime! August By Mama Aida’s is a hot new spot. The food is phenomenal and it’s dimly lit, outdoor Marrakech vibe makes for the perfect ambience. Show him you’re not just about counting calories and eating salads all day by ordering a few mezze platters. Get as messy as you want over a bottle of vino (It’s BYOB so make sure to take your own.) and good conversation.

If date night was a competition, this one would knock it out of the park!

3. The crazy date

Show him your fun side. There’s nothing more satisfying than dating someone with whom you can let loose.

Why not have a few confidence-boosters and hit the karaoke bar? Stella and Sopranos are always a hoot. And your (potentially) tequila-motivated cover of “Independent Woman” by Destiny’s Child will only make him love you more.

Plus, you know he’s a keeper if he battles the hangover with you the next day. Bonus points if you wake up to a glass of thambili by the bedside. In which case, feel free to go downtown because he’s just a gem.

4. The out-doorsy date

Living in SL means that when it comes to a date, the options are almost limitless. If it’s a weekend and you’ve got a valid driving license, take bae out for a sun-kissed day.

If he’s more of a chiller, be beach bums and visit Thalpe Beach Restaurant for a great lunch with even better G&Ts.

If your man loves the action, take him for an afternoon of water sports in Bentota. Venture beyond the jet skis and take some water skiing lessons while you’re out there. Oh would you look at that, you now have a hobby together!

So head out and fall madly in love and live happily ever after while we Netflix and chill…alone.

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