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4 Looks To Werk The South

#2 will put you into full-on holiday mode

Going on holiday is not as easy as you think. Yes, we have a highway now and yes out-of-the-blue weekend excursions are much easier. But it’s not like you can throw some stuff in a bag and just walk out the door. No. Girl needs to look on point at all times and that requires a wee bit of planning.

Okay that was a lie—the planning could (possibly) take a few hours. If you think I am being crazy right now, just think of the candids! All that time spent training your SO on the importance of angles and how to use VSCO will finally pay off.

Starting to get it? Judging me a little less now? Great! Let’s move on.

You know the drill: Frantically scurrying around your apartment trying to pack your overnight bag, making sure all the items of clothing actually work together, running out to the store to buy something in the instance that they do not.

But with the weekend approaching and work kicking your ass, who even has the time to shop anymore? Browsing languidly is not really an option at the moment—and outfits aren’t going to sort themselves out! Help?

Have no fear because Cosmo’s got you covered with some next-level looks to ensure you will be looking cute AF whilst sipping on that margarita in Thalpe.

For All Day Comfort


Hat – Paradise Road   |   Shorts – MAUS, available at PR  |  Sunglasses – Michael Kors, available at Odel

Swimsuit – Upeksha Hager, available at PR  |  Necklace – PR  |  Tan oil – Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil, available at Aussie Swim Store

Slippers – MAUS, available at PR  |  Hand cream – Spa Ceylon Pink Lotus Almond Intensive Hand Cream

For Sundowners


Top – MAUS, available at PR  |  Culottes – MAUS, available at PR  |  Sunglasses – Ray-Ban, available at Odel

High-waisted bikini – Shivan & Narresh, available at PR  |  Sandals – Odel  |Beach bag – Paradise Road

Necklace – Sarika Durrant Jewellery

For Early Morning Strolls


Tie-waist maxi dress – Maré available at L’Atelier Touché  |  Bikini – Upeksha Hager, available at PR  |  Hat – Paradise Road

Sandals – Tara, available at Odel  |  Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren, available at Odel

For Daytime Excursions


Sundress – Aussie Swim Store  | Bikini top – Aussie Swim Store

Body sprayBath & Body Works Moonlight Path, available at healthcart.lk  | Beach bag – Aussie Swim Store

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