Liam Hemsworth FINALLY Spills The Beans On What The Hell Is Going On With Miley Cyrus - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Liam Hemsworth FINALLY Spills The Beans On What The Hell Is Going On With Miley Cyrus


Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been infuriatingly quiet about their ~rekindled~ romance but we totally know it’s happening.

Miley in particular has been teasing the shit out of us, wearing that ginormous sparkler of an engagement ring, leading us to believe they’re re-engaged.

But Liam’s just told TV WEEK that nope, they’re not.

“I am not engaged, no,” he said.


And y’know how they literally JUST stepped out as a couple again after months of being on lockdown? Well, Liam says they weren’t holed up in a cosy love nest sitch like we thought. It was actually because he was on bed rest:

“I just don’t leave my home. For the last few months because I had a back injury I really couldn’t do much. So I have honestly been at my house most of the time.”

How’d you get the ‘back injury’ though Liam? (soznotsoz)

He also said of the intense media speculation surrounding him and Milester: “It is what it is and I am not someone who is looking for any more attention that I have and I try not to draw attention in any way. I don’t do things that do draw attention. So most of the time I fly under the radar. There is a lot of attention there but I did have a helicopter flying over my house for a while.”

Well, glad you cleared that up, Hemmo (can we call you Hemmo?).

Miley, your move… C’mon, we know you’re not shy.

From: Cosmo AU

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