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We embarked on a hunt for foundations that would match our skin tones and here's what we found...

Being a woman in SL is not easy. What’s our biggest problem you ask? NOT HAVING SUITABLY COLOUR-MATCHED FOUNDATION.

Ok maaaaybe I’m being slightly dramatic but if I have to plead with every person coming into the country to buy my Mac BB cream, I will lose my sh*t! No one likes being that girl.

Last week, as I was deciding on whether or not I should apply my tinted moisturizer for the day (a girl’s gotta use that stuff sparingly. Only if the Queen comes. Maybe not even then tbh.), I got to thinking about whether there could (potentially) be a decent foundation available in the local market. I’ve heard of people buying great foundation here before but as I’d never found one that suited me, I thought this was a Lankan make-up myth.

This time, I put on my big girl (Beyoncé) pants and decided to head out and find these mythical products. With the help of two of my fellow Cosmo gals – and to my utter disbelief – I actually managed to find a range of shades that didn’t make me look like a total corpse. 

Throwing some serious shade your way 

Here are some options that have been carefully curated to match a range of skin tones (or three, in this instance):


1. That ‘fair’ shade (mums , but we do not)

Lancome Teint Idole 055, Lancome Teint Visionnaire 055, Lancome Teint Miracle 045 . Available at Exclusive Lines.

2. No, I did not spend the weekend in Mirissa, this is ALL ME.

Elizabeth Arden Intervene, YSL Le Teint Encre BD65Available at Exclusive Lines.

3. Sexy chocolate mama! AKA (to all the aunties) Stay out of the sun!

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 12, Lancome Teint Visionnaire, available at Exclusive Lines. Max Factor Natural Minerals Foundation, available at Health Cart.


And the cover, girl? 

1. This baby will cover anything. Including all shame from last night at the club. (High coverage)

Available at Exclusive Lines
Available at Exclusive Lines

2. “I usually go for the natural look!” (Medium coverage)


Available at Exclusive Lines
Available at Exclusive Lines.
Available at Exclusive Lines.

3. “I woke up like dis”. No I didn’t (Light coverage)

Available at Exclusive Lines
Available at Health Cart.


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