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7 Instagram Travel Accounts You Need To Follow…Like, Right Now!

You will be utterly sick with wanderlust.



Sri Lankans are everywhere! You literally cannot leave SL airspace without bumping into someone you know. So it’s pretty much a given that we love to travel and when we are not travelling, we love to daydream about travelling. With all these long weekends we have been blessed with, can we really be blamed?!

Add that to the necessary evil of Instagram (everything we see on the platform, we want!), I mean it’s basic human nature, right? For example, I see a pair of heels on Kendall Jenner’s feet and I will move mountains to get my hands on them (or the cheaper alternative)…

So when I see posts by bloggers and their chic AF travels on my feed, you can be damn sure that I will be saving all my rupees and waiting to book the next flight out. Cue thoughts on holding Murad Osmann’s hand (and glass of wine) on a cliff in Santorini (Hey! It’s my fantasy and I can be as corny as I want!)

Booked your next trip to someplace exotic? Great! Here’s a few of our fave accounts that will keep you totes pumped until then:

1. Sajani A

The sagas of the good-looking, trendy as hell Travelling Silvas will make you want to croon A Whole New World.


2. Murad & Nataly Osmann

The travels of a couple that will put your trip to Burgers King with your SO last night to SHAME.  #relationshipgoals

#followmeto San Francisco with @NatalyOsmann for an afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge. @beringervyds #BetterBeckons.

A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on


3. Natasha Oakley 
For when you are looking for a bunch of bikini clad babes in some pretty exotic locations. Can’t decide what I am more envious of—those abs or where said abs are being flaunted

Had the waterfall completely to ourselves ?? @mondayswimwear

A photo posted by Natasha Oakley(@tashoakley) on



Can’t really commit to an overseas vacay at the mo? Explore the island with a cocktail in tow and follow in the footsteps of some of these bloggers that have found every beautiful corner that Sri Lanka has to offer!


4. Style in Sri Lanka

The stylish blog by stylish photographer, Alice Luker. Stylish being the key word here.

5. Island Adventurist

 A homegrown blogger that combines two of our favorite things, travel and food. Girl knows.

What my Sunday looked like ?

A photo posted by Shakthi Ponniah ? (@islandadventurist) on


6. Sunshine stories
Basically, if you’re not a surfer in SL, your life sucks. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner…

Have you seen the article on @theseea s amazing blog about our life here on #srilanka ? If not, check it out, link in their profile!?

A photo posted by A blog and a retreat (@sunshinestories) on


7. Colombedouin 

Dope shots by a wandering nomad. WARNING: will probably induce an urge to quit job and become a photographer. 

Kids from the village of Padaviya, a former border town very much affected by conflict in the North East, at the airport on a school trip. For most of them this is their first time here. I am flying to Dubai for a visit insha Allah, and as I walked in I was directed towards a counter which I don’t recall ever seeing before; apparently my visit visa needed to be verified before I even checked into my flight. At the counter there were several other people, one making an urgent phone call to a spouse to procure a marriage certificate, another one practically begging to be allowed to board their flight, and being told, on a Friday evening no less, to bring a letter from the embassy first. I was a little nervous at this strange development, but my visa was verified in short order. When I asked the gent at the counter what was up. He said they were making sure people with work visas weren’t going into the airport with forged visit visas. Apparently if you have a work visa you will be taxed some 10,000 rupees for your first entry and a little less every 2 years afterwards. Migrant workers with work visas will sometimes forge a visit visa to show at the airport entrance and avoid paying the tax, before going in and showing their real visas to the immigration officer. The process has been going on since 1985, but the counter was moved to this conspicuous spot in the main entrance area only recently. This incident and seeing the kids made me think of how much an airport is construed as a place of privilege. It must be terrible to walk in with a legit visit visa and then be targeted because you ‘look’ like a migrant worker upto no good. While they should at least change the procedure to preserve their dignity, I can’t help but think its a little draconian to tax a group of people who bring in the single biggest source of foreign income to the country. Literally propping up our economy. If we’re talking privilege, migrant workers should rightfully have the priority in spaces like our international airport. Instead you see them and their families sometimes being treated like second class citizens. Not cool Sri Lanka.

A photo posted by @colombedouin on


Now that you’re bursting with wanderlust? JET-SET-GO!

What do you think ?

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