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11 Things No One Tells You About Being A Victoria’s Secret Model

There's a lot of double-sided tape involved.

I recently gained a lot of intel when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, having covered the show when it taped last month, then taking it to the next level by living like Angel Lily Aldridge for a week. Here are 12 things you might not know about television’s sexiest fashion show.

1. The models practice in their heels so they don’t bite the dust. Once they find out what shoes they’ll be wearing during the show itself, the girls walk in those heels during the fittings and the rehearsal. This way, they feel comfortable wearing them and don’t bust their butts on the runway.

2. Depending on the outfit, some of the girls wear a nude thong under their lingerie.This helps with potential overexposure.  

3. There are bra inserts available for every girl to use if they want. They don’t have to put them in their bras, but why not? A little added padding never hurt anyone. 

Favorite look of the night! Might just start wearing this every day. ????? #vsfashionshow

A photo posted by Josephine Skriver (@josephineskriver) on

4. Stylists use double-sided fashion tape to keep everything in place. You won’t see any bras and underwear sliding around or causing slips of any kind.

Tonight’s the night!!!! #VsFashionShow2015 #OnlyCBS ????????

A photo posted by Lily Aldridge (@lilyaldridge) on

5. Outfits do rip backstage when the models are trying to put them on. And seamstresses are there to stitch them right back into their outfits.

6. The models are in the hair and makeup chair for hours before the show. While the models wake up gorgeous, a lot of effort goes into making their hair and makeup look VS-worthy. In fact, there were 32 makeup artists, 32 hairstylists, and six manicurists on hand. They went through 60 Beachwaver hair tools and 40 cans of hairspray to help all 47 women get runway-ready.

7. Every girl (but one) got extensions. “We put extensions in each girl’s hair to give it thickness. It wasn’t really about length this year,” lead hairstylist Sarah Potempa told Cosmopolitan.com. The only model who didn’t get them was Maria Borges, who walked the runway this year with her natural texture!

One more day before the Show Air, (excited)?.Tomorrow 10/9c Only On #CBS #VSFashionShow #vsfs2015 #1day ?

A photo posted by Maria Borges (@iammariaborges) on

8.The models look super bronzed because they get touched up with body makeup before getting dressed. In addition to getting spray tanned a day or two before the show, the girls each get a little more body makeup before they walk down the runway to make sure they look flawless.

?! @rachelhilbert is running this thing ? #VSFashionShow

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9. Getting dressed is a very hands-off experience. Backstage, an entire team of dressers is responsible for getting the models in and out of their lingerie and wings. The models literally stand there as their outfits are peeled off of them, and then the next one is put back on, followed by their wings, if their outfit calls for them. I mean, could you get this off by yourself?!

Talk about oohs & ahhs…the crowd just went WILD for @CindyBruna’s look. #VSFashionShow

A photo posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on

10. The majority of the models work out twice a day starting a week or two before the show. Talk about dedication. Although, I can’t blame them — I’d be doing the same thing if I had to be half-naked on TV.

mornings with @balletbeautiful, nights with @gothamgym ??

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

11. The models eat! There is catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so they actually do eat on the day of the show. I even witnessed it with my own eyes.

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