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24 Women Reveal Their Weirdest Places

Well, this is interesting. 

When it’s time to do it, it’s time to do it — even if it’s on a rooftop or on a trampoline, I guess. Cosmopolitan.com asked 25 twentysomething women for the weirdest and grossest places they’ve gotten ~down and dirty~ (literally). Here are their answers.

1. “On top of a roof.” —Katie, 22

2. “The garage of my boyfriend’s house during a party.” —Tori, 21

3. “A canoe on a river during the daytime.” —Anna, 20

4. “A porta-potty at an outdoor concert.” —Elisabeth, 21

5. “At a graveyard. It was on the burial site of my boyfriend’s dead grandmother.” —Fatima, 23

6. “My first-grade classroom (14 years later).” —Katie, 20

7. “First year dorm community bathroom shower.” —Taylor, 21

8. “In a children’s playground. Afterward, we carved our initials into a tree that was intertwined in the playground.” —Michaela, 22

9. “In the changing room at an indoor/outdoor pool.” —Veronica, 21

10. “Standing over the kitchen sink (it was full).” —Laura, 21

11. “A cemetery.” —Elle, 21

12. “A children’s playground in the middle of the night. Started on the swings, moved to the plastic dinosaur thing, finished on the slide.” —Sierra, 21

13. “On a dirty floor underneath a bed. Saw a few gross bugs and such down there.” —Taylor, 22

14. “Back of a truck.” —Allie, 22

15. “On top of a washing machine in an outside shed.” —Sarah, 21

16. “At my parents’ wedding. It was held at our house, and it was my first time seeing my boyfriend after four months abroad. We snuck up to my room while everyone was partying, but I guess I didn’t fix my hair well enough because everyone knew — including my dad. I still feel weird to this day, and it’s been two years!” —Hannah, 23

17. “In a stairwell at my university’s library on a ‘study break.'” —Arlene, 21

18. “On the ground in a forest in Israel during a bonfire party.” —Rebecca, 20

19. “Lawn chair at an outdoor bar.” —Katie, 29

20. “Back of a fraternity social bus.” —Lindsey, 21

21. “A fast-food dumpster. I was drunk, ick.” —Lauren, 21

22. “A lawn chair on a crowded beach.” —Alex, 20

23. “Trampoline.” —Kelsey, 21

24. “In the personal bathroom of my boyfriend’s friend’s apartment while the friend stepped out for an errand.” —Nicole, 22

From: Cosmo US

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