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Cellulite SmackDown: Everything You Need To Know

The low-down on those annoying dimples – and the ‘OMG, it really works!’ ways to smooth them out.


Ah, cellulite. Like your nosy aunties, it’s annoying—but it’s also a nearly unavoidable part of life. Let’s be honest, we’ve all inspected those pap shots of Kim K in Mexico that (thankfully!) showed even the perfect Kardashian sported cellulite, and we breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s not just me!” you probably said to yourself. And you’d be right. Anybody can develop this pesky skin situation: It appears when collagen fibers that bind fat to the skin stretch and tear, allowing fat cells to expand.

Since cellulite has now become something of a hot topic, we asked local skincare expert Dr. Raja Wanasinghe to fill us in on everything you ever needed to know about cellulite.

Losing Weight Doesn’t Necessarily Make Cellulite Disappear

Yes, having more body fat ups your chances of having visible cellulite. But even when you slim down, the tissue is still stretched and damaged explained Dr. Wanasinghe.  Exercise is great way to reduce cellulite because it cuts down on fat cells, but real results come down to one pretty simple move: The lunge. It works because it builds lean muscle in your butt and thighs, two cellulite-prone zones. When you lose weight, it reduces the pressure of fat pushing through the connective tissue and reduces fluid, which could improve the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Is Not Fat

Don’t get the two confused: Cellulite is just the dimples and bumps that are seen when fat is divided into tiny pockets in the skin. It can occur on anyone, regardless of their fat content, exercise regime, or diet. Cellulite is strictly dependent on the way your body chooses to handle subcutaneous fat.  Gym junkies, take note: Exercising alone won’t banish cellulite. Dr. Wanasinghe recommends combining a balanced diet that’s high in calcium with high-impact exercise in order to get the blood flowing and help flush out any nasty toxins.

Drink Water

You’ve probably heard how important it is for your health to stay hydrated. But, did you know it also improves the texture of your skin, giving cellulite less of a fighting chance?

Drink your water, ladies!

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