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7 Quick Ways To De-Stress At Work

That don’t take more than 10 minutes each.

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For days when you’re feeling super-stressed but don’t quite have the time to go on a 10-day silent retreat (sigh), here are a few quick-fix stress-busters that actually work (and don’t require you to meditate for 14 hours of your day):

1. Go For A Walk

Be it a walk to the corner shop to buy a bottle of coconut water, around the block your office is on, or some kind of vaguely green area near your desk (think a park or the roof of your office building or the frozen section in Keells), the key is that it’s a 10-minute change of scenery. Every time you feel your brain wondering back to stressful thoughts, force it to focus on your surroundings rather.

2. Breathe Deeply

When you’re stressed, your breathing turns shallow, so something as simple as focusing on your inhaling and exhaling can really calm you down. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly for 10 breaths, trying to fill your lungs with as much air as possible. If your colleagues look at you strangely, then you’re doing it right.

3. Apply Pressure (The Good Kind)

Press on the point between your thumb and index finger quite hard for about 30 seconds. This is an acupressure point meant to relieve headaches and release a sense of calm, and even if you’re not into alternative methods it’s undeniable that this mini-massage feels good.

4. Treat Yo’self

It’s not a healthy way to deal with pressure in the long-term, but if you’re having a stressful moment, give in to your urge for a sugary snack. When you’re highly strung, your body produces the stress-hormone glucocorticoid, and studies show that sugar could decrease this production.

5. Eat A Banana

Bananas give you a big energy boost (which is always helpful when you’re feeling drained, especially if more coffee would only add to your anxiety) and are full of potassium, which helps with your cognitive function so you’ll be able to think more calmly and clearly.

6. Use Your Screen To Help You

Try streaming a relaxing meditation playlist, dedicate 10 minutes to mindlessly playing a simple game on your phone, or download one of the many apps aimed to increase your Zen (our pick is Calm, which guides you through short and simple mindful meditations).

7. Relax From The Outside In

It’s hard to switch your brain off – especially when you’re feeling frazzled. Do something physical that demands your full concentration so your brain doesn’t have time to think about stress. Try progressive muscle relaxation: tense up your toes as much as you can for 10 seconds then relax them. Then do the same with your feet, next your calves, and work your way up your whole body. Warning: you might look weird when you get to tensing up the muscles in your face but just go with it.

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