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The 7 Make-Up Basics Every Girl Must Have

Regardless of the fact that you’re not thaaat into cosmetics


Take a look at our checklist below, and some of the products we love, to get you started. But the make-up world is full of brands and alternatives, so explore, explore, explore, until you find something you’re thrilled with!

1. A simple base
The level of coverage can vary depending on your skin type and the depth of coverage needed. In general, a lightly tinted moisturizer or BB cream is great for everyday use, providing a subtle, even foundation. You can opt for something heavier at night (if you need to!).
Cosmo loves MAC’s Prep + Prime BB beauty balm.



2. A killer concealer that hides it ALL 
Had a long night? Partied too hard? Worked late? Broken out cause it’s that time of the month? This is your go to lifesaver!
Cosmo loves MAC’s Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer. (Make sure your concealer matches your current skin tone exactly for best effect).


3. A magical highlighter
Not many people understand what a good highlight can do for you. It’s pretty much a sun-kissed, holiday glow that comes in a bottle—much cheaper than a trip to Barbados!

Cosmo loves Benefit’s Sun Beam



4. An eyeliner pencil(s)
This little sorcerous pencil/pen can instantly give you that umpfh factor, making your eyes appear deeper and more vibrant! We don’t need to stress further on this, do we?! 

Cosmo loves L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Eyeliner for the bottom lining of the eyes


Cosmo loves L’Oréal’s Infallible Sculpt Eyeliner for those cat-eye waves on your upper lids.


5. The everyday lipstick
A frequently used lipstick should be in a delicate, nude shade that gives you a toned down yet incredibly sultry look.

Cosmo loves MAC’s Velvet Teddy or other Taupe shades for natural matte lips!



6. The bold lipstick
The sass-on-a-stick colour that has all eyes on you at the club.

Cosmo loves the cult classic, MAC Ruby Woo for that retro finish!



7.  A bronzer/blush
We wouldn’t recommend using bronzer or blush on the reg (or day-time) if you prefer more of a natural look, especially if you’ve also dabbled with your highlighter. We usually save this final touch for more glammed up contours as we prepare for hot dates or nights out.

Cosmo loves the NARS Bronzing Powder in Casino.



*All products mentioned in this article are available online or at any airport duty-free or overseas shopping mall.

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